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Downing Sound Studios is an Analog-Only Recording Studio that specializes in AAA Vinyl Albums (Analog Only Recording Studio - Analog Only Mastering - Analog Only Vinyl Records).

We are a project studio founded in 1976 that produces Vinyl Records and High Definition CDs through our record company. 


WE DO NOT OFFER HOURLY RATES ... As we produce Complete Album Projects only.

We do not have Digital Recording Equipment/Software such as ProTools.


Our current configuration offers 24-Tracks of 2-Inch Tape Recording, 1/2" 2-Track Tape Mixing Recorders and an MCI JH-636 Analog Recording Console.  Along with our Neumann Mic Locker, we employ a mid-70s EMT 140 Stereo Plate Reverb along with Tube Tech and SSL Bus Compressors.  


Keyboards include a 1908 Jesse French and Sons Grand Piano and a Kurzweil PC88. Vintage Guitars?  Anything you could ever want to play. Our Drum Room features a mid-80s Gretsch Drum Kit, Zildjian Cymbals, plus 6 different Snares.


We own Publishing Companies (BMI & ASCAP) to protect your music & rights fees and Downing Record Company to bring your album to Vinyl Records and/or High Definition CDs.


THANK YOU for visiting our website and we hope we can help you with your project.




Downing Sound Studios begins with the most popular of all analog recording platforms...MCI 2-inch multi-track tape machines.  DSS has the ability to record in 16 or 24 track format using our MCI JH-24. We also have 2 Otari MTR-12 2-track machines for mixing and simple recordings.



We utilize an MCI JH-636 analog console for our recording. The MCI consoles have long been regarded for their great sound. Artists such as The Eagles, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Cat Stevens and many others, have all recorded some of their best albums on an MCI console.  



Using only analog sources, all of the way through the recording and mixing stages of the process, Downing Sound Studios wouldn't rest until finding original-source facilties that could take its "All-Analog, All The Time" master tapes and transfer them to virgin vinyl.  Whether its 50 copies of an A/B SINGLE 45rpm release, or an epic DOUBLE ALBUM with full-color jacket, your vision can be transformed at Downing Sound Studios.

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